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Coach - Women's & Men's Autumn/Winter 2017-18 collection in New York (with interview)

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Designer : stuart veversambiance : destructed house & electric pole, stuart vevers imagined an image of america from the films. with a nod at the beginning to the hip hop years in new york. a mixed collection presenting the men’s & women’s at the same time. silhouette : the designer has the talent to create alluring & modern silhouettes. the overcoat propositions aren’t missing, shearling coats at the beginning, with bomber jackets and baseball jackets are very in demand from now on. the multiple patches reinforcing the idea of personalization while the floral dresses bring just what is needed for a romanticism touch.to note : the accessories, multiple propositions of bags but also these fur and fringed collars + the presence of selena gomez, the brand ambassador in the first row. interview with stuart vevers :the reference was terrence malick, the film “days of heaven” also there’s a bit of “badlands” in there, maybe even a touch of “wizard of oz”, and it’s that nostalgia for america i didn’t grow up in, i saw all these american references growing up in the uk on the silver screen, so everything has this glow of hollywood so it’s a nostalgia for something that i’ve imagined in my headthere’s a lot of references to the very early days new york city hip hop particularly back in the day and i loved how everyone put their luck together, it was really fresh, there was a lot of energy and creativity i always think of the coach girl and the coach guy, like there’re putting their luck together there’s something quite home spun and individual, it’s about a character. so i like the idea of craft being approached in a new and american way, and that to me isn’t about things being perfect or precious or formal it’s about them having attitude and being cool.i think the coach girls has always played with the masculine and feminine, and i think it’s part of what makes her interesting, but the coach dress has no formality to it, yes it has some decoration but it’s almost like she could have done it herself, and that for me is the charm, its fresh, the dresses fit like a t-shirt.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)