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Coach celebrates its 75 years with an anniversary show in New York

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The american label coach continues to revel in its revolution, with a show in new york celebrating both its 75 years and a new era opening up to innovations. starting by mixing men’s and women’s on the catwalk, wearing pieces in the american spirit including some which are available straight after the show. also an occasion for coach to celebrate its two new flagships, one on 5th avenue in new york and the other on regent street in london as well as its new headquarters in the heart of manhattan. with interviews from stuart vevers, drew barrymore, dree hemingway, emma robert, , victor luis.interviews : stuart vevers we actually started with the idea of bringing men’s and women’s collections together; so that kind of started an idea of really talking about togetherness, optimism about, you know bringing something unique and very new york to our runway collection.i think the next generation is looking for something different from luxury, i think that they’re challenging us. i think luxury today has to have that inclusivity it has to be open, at coach it’s always been a strong value, we are inclusive, i think that’s a modern way too approach luxury.drew barrymore they’re just a very optimistic joyful company that is timeless, i mean the runway show tonight was extraordinary fashion, mixing up patterns and colours, everything you really want from a fashion show, to be told anything you want to do is ok.dree hemingwayi’m obsessed with the whole vibe and the energy of this whole entire show and also the casting of everybody was insane and i think he’s really digging into what is now. emma roberti love how wearable coach is, i can literally have on jeans and a shirt and throw on my favorite coach jacket or my favorite coach bag and it just makes the whole outfit. i have a leopard coat from three seasons ago that i still wear all the time, it’s my favourite. victor luisfor the past 2 years we have been working on the transformation of the coach brand from a brand that was mostly focused on handbags and accessories, to a fuller lifestyle brand, and on this 75th year it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to do so and celebrate with a fashion show that expresses stuart vever’s our executive creative directors fullest vision of the brand. music free of right : bandit & nikit