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The spirit of Bauhaus, from art to fashion

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From the 19th october to 26th february, in the musée des arts décoratifs, more than 900 works retrace the history of bauhaus, an essential artistic movement, but also a source of inspiration for many fashion designers. drawings, models, paintings or pieces of furniture, the exhibition is a complete overview of the creative richness of the bauhaus, always a very current and lively richness that we find equally in the ready to wear collections of chanel, jil sander, jason wu or again paul smith amongst others..interviews:anne monier bauhaus is a school, it’s a truly precise period, geographically, chronologically. it’s a school which opened in 1919 in weimar, which moved in 1925 to dessau then to berlin and which is shut in 1933 in berlin.what’s very interesting about bahaus, is that it’s a physical place where people live and work together.the experimentation, the creativity, which is bauhaus, is very strong, so even though the school closed in 1933, everyone who participated would still has this emulation in them, this drive to create. it’s that which allows the spirit of bauhaus to spread, it’s the way that each member of bauhaus takes his turn to convey the spirit to his employees and to his students, either in a very literal way, or in a more diffused way, we still have a very strong influence today with all these chains of artists who are all tied together. olivier gabet if bauhaus arouses interest among a lot of designers, it’s because it has striven to emphasise the idea of total art, the work of total art, it’s one of the fundamentals of fashion today. both aspects of bauhaus are presented, the most well-known aspect, or the one we admit more often, the hygienist side, clean, white, big impeccable spaces, which we find in a certain fashion schools and then the more baroque side, we see it in this exposition, there’s this party and performance aspect which is regularly seen at bauhaus because suddenly there’s this form of freedom and creativity but its still active and dynamic. it’s also found in some designers like walter van beirendonck for example.francisco costa i love to think that all the bauhaus women had a punk spirit, they had a revolutionary spirit, they were very powerfuljason wu the idea of bauhaus form and function, colour, shapes, those are all very important elements in constructing a collectionpaul smith the influence from josef albers and his wife anni albers, they were from the bauhaus you will see that in the knitwear and the textiles thom browne it’s very much an homage to oscar schlemmer, 1920’s bauhaus artist, a loose interpretation of some concepts that he had in his ballets, mixing my american preppy sportswear along the way (music free : bandit & nikit)