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The future of fashion shows seen by Carlo Capasa and Pascal Morand.

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The future of fashion weeks : the fashion weeks are coming to an end, the fashion industry is fully evolving. here we have the opportunity to keep the finger on the pulse of the 2 key players in this sector. the future of shows, of the boutique, the digital influence ? all these are the questions are answered by carlo capasa and pascal morand, presidents of the chamber or of the federation of italian and french fashion. (music free : bandit & nikit)interviews carlo capasa fashion is based on the future, and if we don’t promote the future we don’t promote fashion so i think it’s one rule of my association, ‘camera della moda’ is to promote the future and this means promote the new brand the new generation and the sustainability because we have to be sustainable in the future, fashion must always be more and more sustainable. many things are changing, the see now buy now always existed, we invented it in 60s in italy, called pronto moda, and so it’s not something new, it’s working for some brands, i think it’s good for a brand which is product orientated, but not for a brand which is creatively orientated. the italian lifestyle has influenced the whole world, we are a country based on beauty, creation and craftsmanship so i think this reflects very much in all the fashion collections.pascal morand all sectors of the economy are being questioned and are in the process of evolving, we are living in an economic, industrial revolution like we’ve never been before, software hits the economy, it is clear but at the same time there are more digital aspects so there is more of a need for sensory experiences and the show is a sensory, emotional and professional experience, it’s equally important and cognitive on one hand the digital itself is the first source of the experience and on another hand it’s a need for a new type of experience, the shop will not lose its importance in the way it can change the function and experimental dimension but it will lose importance in where we see the products, that’s when people say “big data big data” you have to say “yes, yes, yes, ok’ not only. we haven’t included fashion’s impact on the image of the economy and the industry. because there’s also that image of france as an intangible capital. we haven’t measured it!