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Hermès - Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director : nadège vanhee-cybulskivenue : ‘garde républicaine’, the célestins riding arena, decorated with white wall hangings creating a soft light silhouette : the high waist , gathered, smocked, adjusted, elongated and refined focus on : the classics revisited with freedom and a bit of audacity a silk shirt worked like a jumpsuit in pink or in linen chevron a zip up polo dress in bright calfskinwork on the leather, hemstiched, the textured knit, pleated effect, godet on the skirtsrigid materials, with cotton worked like denim, dresses with an open collar. fluidity throughout the silks shirts printed with painted stripes and pinafore dresses cut on the bias with silk strapsshort tunic with fine fringed lambskin on trousers with a smocked waistto note : the graphic heels, hollow, in lacquered metal or perforated derby’smini bag worn on a necklace and the new “cinétic” bag in alligator interviews :julie gayet :i must admit that nadège’s smocking work, which is here on this dress and also on the smocked high waists, it’s very feminine and its marks the waist and for the trousers, i find them very elegant, beautiful, with today’s high waist and these large trousers. i really feel like these kind of things, and all the work on the hemstitched leather is very, very beautiful and also the little grey leather blouson with the marked waist which is so modern. there you can see with this work on leather all the craftsmanship and hermes’ luxury refinement.she uses the basics or the classics or her vision of hermes, so we can see raw materials, like linen, cotton, and for me it represents an era of the french woman and she transforms it in a pure, simple and modern way, so it’s very enjoyable. pierre hardy:a lot of delicacies, a lot of independence and i also believe a lot of freedom to think and a lot of autonomy, that is very important. and i think she has a very personal and precise vision of what can exist around her in this house, there is a sort of balance between modernity - i don’t know how to say it differently – and a certain classicism that i find is a skill rather than a fault, so i found it very beautiful.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)