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Stella Mccartney - Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interviews)

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Designer : stella mccartneymood : the ‘l'opéra garnier’ in paris. a smaller catwalk, very few guests. the models finish the show dancing, thanks to the choreography of blanca li. a very positive note, a new energy.silhouette : the basics are reworked, a new more ample form, more fluid focus on : the ecological techniques and the organic textures; stella mccartney emphasises her fightwashed cotton jumpsuits and trousers, in organic suede tightened by the cords from a utility bag, forming pleats on the frontthe trousers like the asymmetric dresses with flaps of fabric on the side men’s shirts reworked for the summer dresses or the jumpsuits, representing the white and blue sky the sportswear inspired by surfers with organic jersey tops, new prints based on a story of circles and coloured stripes to note: the slogans presented on the clothes like “all is love” or again “animal free” and “thanks girls”interviews:stella mccartney :i wanted to just look at the things which i think we do very well at stella mccartney and really refresh them, so the tailoring for example i wanted to have a softness to it, a summery feel to the cottons, a more low feeling then a very high feeling with the corsetry and the structure, the silhouettes very new and bold in areas and then introducing print and embroidery but with messages, this season i wanted to give messages of hope and love.sportswear is very much a part of our house, it’s about finding that energy, that sort of energy and placing it into the tailoring and into the knitwear, there was a lot of knitwear.marie-agnès gillot :i really liked the superposition, the transparencies, the materials we want to touch, i thought it was very free, i thought the models were splendid and blanca’s choreography at the end was very nice and fun, the mood, in short i found it all wonderful. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)