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Preen by Thornton Bregazzi : collection spring-summer 2017 in London

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Designer : justin thornton & thea bregazziatmosphere : in the heart of westminster, flowers on the ground and a gothic spirit for the duo, remembering their youth on the isle of man, in the north of england, where everyone emphasises their mystic side. focus on : the wardrobe classics such as the pantsuit, the polo and the jeans revisited with cuts, frills and lace. to note : the light and romantic dresses with the addition of silver sequins. interview with justin thornton & thea bregazzi:justin : we were looking at bringing in classics from youth culture, and we looked at skinhead and goth and just bringing in this idea of always being there, it’s always there in society, and so looking at the broken parts of society, and then in the end we ended up looking at witchcraft didn’ we ? thea : we grew up on a small island in the north of england and… well in a funny way, witches were part of our everyday life. people would get like a cold sore or something and they’d go and see the local witch and they’d do something and it would dissapear. so it’s always interested me, and the misinterpretation of how people think witches are evil and things like that, so we looked at that and we looked pagan. justin: because it ‘s very pagan thea : pagan kind of religion, it’s like an earth religion justin : yeah, like mother earth thea : and then that’s where the nature came from and we wanted to collide the kind of hardness of the gothic skinheads and things like that and then the mother earth nature and getting back to nature really.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)