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Ralph Lauren : collection presented on Madison Avenue in New York.

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Designer : ralph laurenplace : in the heart of new york on madison avenue, the collection was showed under a transparent structure the length of their boutique, installed especially for the even. a wardrobe that goes on sale in it’s entirety just after the show. silhouette : always chic and elegant, even when ralph lauren evokes the far west and deep south of america. for the day, a succession of checked cow-boy shirts, of ponchos, of fringed outfits, of jackets and coats embroidered with american- indian motifs, leather jackets with a patina aspect, fitted suit trousers and for the evening asymmetric gowns in energetic colours, straight with sequins or black with fine straps, with a huge amount of simplicity and sensuality at the same time. to note : a choice front row, with julianne moore et rosie huntington-whiteley amonst others. interview with david lauren: ralph lauren has always prided himself on creating an intimate spirit and an emotional sensibility when you watch a fashion show. it’s never grandiose, it’s always appropriate for what the product is, and this time we’ve created, a kind of a western sensibility that’s thoroughly modern, shown in an urban landscape, shutting down madison avenue and letting these women walk up and down the street creates a kind of cool vibe and i think we’re going to send the message that fashion is happening, that ralph lauren’s got a fresh appeal, it’s very exciting. interview with ralph lauren: it’s fun, i think it’s got an energy that i like, a lot of fun things and a lot of beautiful, i think beautiful clothes, and at the same time it’s got an energy that is universal. i think it’s great that you can get a reaction right away to what you do, and i think it’s great for the consumer to be able to like it and say, ‘’wow i want to go and get it.’’interview with rosie huntington-whiteley:i found out when we were driving on our way here that madison was going to be closed down, and this is the front of the actual store, so when came out here, and i sort of thought it was strange and then i realised we were on the street and it’s been covered, so just it’s kind of cool, i like that. interview with stephan larsson:when we look at what has happened over the last year, it’s that the consumers through social media and internet, they really get behind the scenes, they know more about the runways and the fashion weeks than ever before and what we realised then was that it doesn’t make sense to keep the consumer waiting for six months for the product. so what we decided to do was to have the show and then offer the products at the same time. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)