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G Kero, the shirts with motifs in movement

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G kero is the story of a brother and sister but it’s also that of an artist who draws scenes from life that speak to us and that are found in an all-over pattern on a t-shirt, a shirt, or even a puffa- jacket. they know how to create novelties from things that are simple but easily recognizable and that are sold today in all four corners of the world. interview with philippe bartherotte: the brand g.kero was born in brazil, on ipanema beach, i was there, and i was looking for a t-shirt and i found stuff that was really stereotypical on the market. i asked my sister to send me a drawing and then i used a serigraphy, in rio you could do that in the city, to make my first g.kero t-shirt. i took a photo of myself on the beach and i sent it to my sister and she was like,’’ yeah, it’s cool, it’s not bad’’, and so she started to paint straight onto the t-shirts. we take photos of the drawing that she paints on the t-shirt, and we digitalize it and then reproduce it with a digital impression on to the next piece. this lets us reproduce all the nuances, and even brings the nuances of the painting onto the fabric as it is how we soak them into the textile. the kamasutra shirt provokes quite a strong reaction, because you can’t really see it at first, you think it’s just an all-over motif, but when you get closer, you see a motif that is , you have admit it , outright pornographic; but the remarkable thing and the real tour de force that she has achieved with this kamasutra composition, is that she has painted a pornographic motif that is still poetic, and she’s taken away the obscenity and the vulgarity, which means the whole world can wear it.g.kero has gone five years without financial backing, you could say it’s been quite meteoric, seeing as we are in 160 high-end multi-brands, in 24 countries, and we make around 15,000 numbered pieces each year, and above all about a hundred different designs each year. the fact is though pieces are edited so we are only left with less than 200 pieces in the whole world, and they are all numbered. the thing that makes a brand do things less well, is that it puts itself in an obligation to make something in a moment, in an obligation to produce. for us, what we want to preserve is our freedom when it comes to the designing, that there is always a momentum for creative enthusiasm and that we don’t have to say to ourselves, look, we have to make a collection for autumn/winter or spring/summer. music royalty free / bandit & nikit - 2016