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Alexis Mabille- Fashion Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

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Location : hotel d’evreux designer: alexis mabillesilhouette:23 models. ribbons that intertwine to form knots, ball dresses in tulle with thousands of falling leaves of ruffles. imposing volumes for a bustier dress, delicately embroidered with crystal. focus on: the straw coloured embroidery on the bottom of a gown + the skirt- jacket which closes at the front with sleeves. to note: not a single piece made in black, the whole collection is based on pastel tones. also, hands in the pockets for a modern attitude. interview with alexis mabille:the collection is really very couture, the idea was to really go right to the heart of the tradition of couture; therefore there isn’t a single dress that didn’t take hours and hours of meticulous work. even the most simple dresses are extremely complex in reality, there is lots of work on the interior of the pieces, i really wanted make a 100 percent effort with the couture. we have the ready to wear, pre-collections, and it’s good to show that couture is a thing that we make for our clients, so we go a very long way with the technicalities in order to have the volume.there are some frills that are extremely controlled, in order that the collection, contrastingly, is extremely slick and very polished and finally it is perhaps one of my most simple couture collections, in terms of visuals, when you look at it from behind, up close, maybe you can see some frilled small dots, little embroidered flowers that are imperceptible. there is straw embroidery that is made with little straw cocktail sticks, re-embroidered with crystal, which form 3 dimensional flowers. that is trick of it, that is to say, everything can be used to create a certain affect. all the dresses have pockets, so all the models have hands in their pockets, that’s the thing, sure you can be wearing a big petticoat, but you’re still cool, you see? music from the fashion show/ not to be used beyond 7 days after the show