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Summer Trend 2016 – Hair is long, down and almost wild!

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It represents strength and vitality, it’s often at the heart of beauty topics and of course it’s noticed at first sight: in short it’s hair that gets us talking! everyone wants to change their hairstyle according to the season. and for summer 2016, a phrase to remember: aim for natural! hair is down, catching in the wind, almost wild. and overall we celebrate once again the lengthiness. (interview)in the fashion shows, you see so many girls advancing on stage with their silky smooth mane, seeming to lengthen from season to season. by filming behind you see a play on lights and colours. long hair, like natural skin, becomes a synonym of good health. (interview)and of course natural beauty is even kept in the mix: again we’re talking about curls, volume, and even the famous gouffa afro. we want to celebrate our locks in all their forms or let them just lie how they like. (interview)if you prefer to have your hair up, the plait has also made a comeback. you can choose the simple version, slightly up or play with originality and dare new proposals. follow the method seen backstage at public school, simple and effective. unless finally you opt to be more exotic with the multitude of braids very popular for summer. with interviews from: laura capuzzello thakoon panichgul & imaan hammamlaura capuzzello:simplicity is the roller because women don’t have time to take care of their hair but at the same time they want to be beautiful they want to be sophisticated so simplicity is really the word for hair trend today. thakoon panichgul:when i was growing up and loving fashion, i looked a lot at old gilles bensimon work from the late 80’s, elle macpherson, roberta chirko, christy turlington all of those beautiful healthy girl images, that’s what was the inspiration behind it, a lot of sun and a lot of sun kissed beauty.imaan hamman:there is also a lot of natural beauty, like my hair stayed the same for the show and i feel that’s a good thing, i feel that that is what fashion is about. music free of rights: bandit & nikit