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Fashion and Sport: the stylish Olympic Games!

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Once again it’s not the models but the athletes who will represent the chic french elegance. 100 days before the opening of the rio olympic games, the countdown has been launched, in front of the eiffel tower and loyal to its sporty dna, the lacoste label revealed the official outfits of the french delegation for the stylish games!interviews from thierry guibert and felipe oliveira baptistathierry guibert:we are extremely proud as i think it brings a touch of fashion that is unarrogant to the olympic spirit, and that is so important because in the world that we live in the olympic spirit brings values that we all want to share.i travel a lot for the brand and i’ve noticed an undying trend that is settling in everywhere in the world, the trend is to actually mix sportswear with casual wear, so it is a very fundamental trend, lots of luxury brands try to do little collections and things like it, however for us it’s just our dna, we were born like that, its who we are, so what i want to do, over everything, is to keep reinforcing our identity. felipe oliveira baptista:we had already dressed the french olympic games team in the 60s, after that we did sotchi in 2012 and rené lacoste was an olympic champion himself so it was an obvious decision.it’s the idea of thinking up clothes that are very democratic in order to also adapt them to different morphologies but so they are comfortable too. they are more like uniform designs, but sporty uniforms so they have sporty codes and the brand’s codes in them but with a very contemporary look, so that’s where the more fashion side comes in. when we do fashion we make it sporty and when we do sports events like that we make them all fashionable so it is always about finding the middle ground between our identity and our sporty roots, and the cuts, the graphics, the fabrics and the innovations too which are more than just fashion. music free of right : bandit & nikit