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Model to follow: Ysaunny Brito the most desirable new girl

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Ysaunny brito is the new face to follow. originally from the dominican republic, her body like a liana, her bronzed skin and her short hair makes her one of the most desirable models...interview from ysaunny brito:i didn’t know about models because in my county “model life” is just not that big of a deal there my cousin said to me that i was beautiful and thought i had the power to be a model. so i went to the casting of elite model look and i won the contest in my country. then i went to china was in the top 7 there and i started my career after that in 2012.every season i have different clients not the same ones. i might not do the same show that i did last season but i know they are clients and then i do a different show. i am doing a show now so it is nice.it is a new world for me a totally new world. it is stressful but we have to deal with this every season so it is fine for me because i have done it for 3 or 4 seasons now, so it’s ok. when i do shows i prefer to do pictures and when i do pictures i prefer to do shows, so i think i like both!before i wanted to be a musician and now i am doing modelling so i cannot do that anymore because i am focussed on my career right now and afterwards i am planning to be a graphic designer.my parents, from the beginning, said modelling is not the thing that they want me to do! we want you to go to school and do something professional. but now they see me on the big runways doing big shows and they love it, they are really proud of me!music free of right : bandit & nikit