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Rick Owens - WOMENSWEAR collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interview)

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Location: exposed electrical wires in the concrete basement of the palais de tokyo, paris.inspiration: "mastodont" continuation of the men's collection, reflections on climate change, natural order, evolution, how to make things eternal+ the salvador dali painting "swans reflecting elephants"+ edward james focus: the rick owens drapes, hand-made by the designer, all unique on the ready to slip on dresses + longer strapless gowns+ the big capes+ the desire for lightness especially through the idea of leather worked very supply, from a silk gazar mixed with wool, flannel to rolled up mohair note: the big sneaker-books that slip on like socks+ the setting, this desire for softness and vaporous elements with heads covered in silk cocoonsinterview from rick owens:everything i do is a continuation, but this story really is about literally evolution and i was addressing a familiar uneasiness that all of us feel about environmental changes and i was thinking of something more eternal. the women’s collection is prettier and softer and it is more about dissolving, that is what i wanted them to feel like, i want them to be soft, full of air and very close to being part of the aether.my physical gesture was being alone in a room with clothes that i draped by myself, i draped every piece in the collection and it is going to be reproduced it’s not something that is couture but everything is being draped into very specific personal style, like handwriting. music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)