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Alexis Mabille Fashion show - Haute Couture Spring /Summer 2016 (with interview)

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Designer/couturier : alexis mabille location: hôtel d'evreux place vendôme paris the theme of the collection: timeless beauties focus: a collection that dresses real women, women who embrace their difference and their femininity.top models of the past cat walk: carmen kass, audrey marnay, estelle lefébure, etc.basic colours: black, white, navy to note : transparency . mixtures of lace, crystal swarovski embroideryinterviews : alexis mabille : for the casting i had an idea to work on the temporality of beauty. so i brought back friends onto the stage from when i first started, who cat walked for my first shows. or i included icons like carmen kass who i love and she is a face that everybody has seen everywhere. also girls like estelle lefébure who was mulger’s muse. therefore girls with different attitudes and i love this mix of generations which was a logical follow up from my last couture collection. i used lots of transparency as its summer, it’s hot, and so i wanted lace, chiffon, lots of flou. i love the fact that we show without showing off, so dresses are quite austere but show everything. audrey marnay : it was magical and pretty as these are beautiful couture rooms so it reminds me of that intimate era. carmen kassit is true that today you see so many things that are not really wearable and are more art perhaps but then you can’t really wear it. i think every piece that he showed was for a real woman to wear. julie gayet : if i have to choose one dress for cannes, knowing which one is going to be very difficult!music of the show (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)