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Dior Homme Fashion show - MENS collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interviews)

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Designer: kries van asschedecor: a gigantic chandelier in the center of the stage and skate board railings, all plunged into a red atmosphere.silhouette: adjusted and baggy with a succession of suits embellished with details, embroidery, stitchings, and strokes, threads frayed.to note: the punk chic vibe for a checkered red and black shirt. and the numerous proposals for parkas and bomber jackets for a neo-urban man as well as the roses done in prints for the eveningthe focus: on the accessory of the season: the little chain tied around the neck for a new sophisticationinterviews from kris van assche & asap rockykris van assche:in every collection at dior homme, the tailoring will always be a central focus, it is its force, the dna of the brand, but i think what is changing is the sporty collection that i presented. there are jackets worn with jogging bottoms, there are lots of sporty fabrics, there are parkas and puffa jackets. the idea is to mix this tailoring with a real, more technical street credibility, it's called the new wave mixed with skate and this is the result here. this red and black check is really the key element of the skateboarding world but when treated with tailoring, and smaller, it almost becomes punk. that's where things are contradictory but rejoin.we left the summer very much like daylight, very colorful, very fresh, thousands of white roses but today we have black roses, darker but festive dark, dark as the new wave music, romantic like a party in berlin, in a skate park.asap rocky:i really liked the oversized trousers with the tucked in shirt. i also loved the red overcoat/ the pea coat. i don’t know if it was shaved mink or shaved pony skin but it looked like a rain coat, i loved that piece. music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)