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Carven Fashion show- MENS collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 à Paris

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The carven man is more modern than everdesigner: barnabé hardyinspiration: a photo advert of rod stewart transposed into paris today. silhouette: a short jacket, a coloured knit sweater with the "c" carven badge.fabric: knit as the leading thread for inlays on jackets, the short jacket embroidered for a quilted effect, the straight cigarette trousers fell perfectly.to note: 'ruby', blood, pine green, warm colours even for scarves, hats and vinyl bags.interview from barnabé hardy:the starting point was a rod stewart photo in the late 70s. it was a campaign for a shoe brand and i loved his attitude in it and the way he looked. the collection is very reassuring, very cozy, there’s a lot of knit and that was the common thread, as nowadays we want to feel reassured by clothes that we have seen before but whilst making a contemporary collection. the idea of the carven man is very playful, he has these clothes in his wardrobe and he plays with them. all the clothes can go together, so he mix and matches them. i also wanted this roundness, the shoulders fall rounded, the parkas are inspired by sleeping bags. i liked the idea of taking a sleeping bag and wearing it in the city as if it’s a shield, like armour, but there’s no metal so it’s not aggressive, just very engulfing. carven is a joyful brand, a cool, fresh brand. in my work it's important for me to keep this sincerity, as well as playing with the clothes. nowadays i think in the society we evolve, we want these colours.and the idea of the badge is an infinity ring and, graphically, the idea of belonging to a tribe, the tribe of carven.music of the show, (do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show)