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A big loss: homage to David Bowie, fashion icon for so many designers

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David bowie has died at the age of 69. he influenced the greatest designers. a true fashion icon, muse, he constantly reinvented himself. he left a musical footprint but also marked fashion by his many characters and costumes ever etched in history.in december 2011 it was kate moss who made the end of year front page of vogue paris disguised in david bowie. lately it was raf simons and an haute couture collection for christian dior that was inspired by this pop icon.many designers have collaborated with him such as his compatriot paul smith who designed his outfits.every appearance of the artist was an event, like in 2013, in the advert directed by romain gavras, shot in venice, featuring the star and the supermodel arizona muse for the louis vuitton house’s ‘l'invitation au voyage’.we will never stop talking about him and he will, over and over again, still inspire our designers.with interviews from raf simons, jean-paul gaultier and paul smith.raf simons: if i think about a body of work from david bowie, i also see him as a couturier. i think he has been bringing out a body of work that has been at the highest level of musical craft, by himself and with his collaborators like brian neo. i think the quality is incredible but at the same time he could also be very free and be very 60s 70s or 80s and he could do something extremely romantic and sensitive and emotional and at the same time he could do something very commercial like let’s dance in the 80s. i think that the whole body of work from david bowie, he’s not only the best person he’s also everything, the music the lyrics, the sound, the quality, the commerciality, the persona and the constant materialisation of his own work is something i find really interesting in relation to this collection. jean-paul gaultier:i started with the theme of doubles and it became lookalikes who released music at the time but who had a particular look, so it’s the relationship between fashion and music, so that is the looks as significant as david bowie as ziggy stardust, who had pretty amazing looks, he had so many other different looks toopaul smith:1974 i made suits for david bowie, very wide trousers same pattern that i used again! music:artist: david bowiealbum: scary monsters (and super creeps)title : ashes to ashesref : rca