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Chanel - Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition in London's Saatchi Gallery: 3 reasons to go.

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The chanel house exhibits in the famous saatchi art gallery in london, in the form of a journey from gabrielle chanel’s creative sources to karl lagerfeld. 3 reasons not to miss this exhibition:1 / firstly to understand a little more about all the symbols and lucky charms that were important to coco chanel and which are seen each season as glimpses in every chanel collection, reworked by mr. lagerfeld over the past 30 years. 2 / then to rediscover karl’s muses. they are called julianne moore, rita ora, isabelle huppert, lilly collins or vanessa paradis. they were all present at the haute couture show last july and they can be found in photos portrayed by mr. lagerfeld himself at this exhibition wearing the reedition of the unique collection of haute jewellery designed by gabrielle chanel in 1932 called "bijoux de diamants”.3 / and finally see the pieces up close, almost touchable almost seeing karl creating them and understanding the work of the atelier and craftsmen.exhibition “mademoiselle privé” from 13th october to 1st november 2015saatchi gallery, duke of york's hq, king's road, london sw3 4ryinterviews from julianne moore & keira knightleyjulianne moore:black and white, the colour red, wheat, camellias, all of those things that are so present, that are so iconic in chanel design, i didn’t really understand their meaning to chanel until i saw that and now of course you can’t help but look at the clothes and everything in the brand and see how much it reflects the actual inspirations of the woman.keira knightley: it is incredibly contemporary and it’s amazing that the ring was designed in 1932 and i’ve not seen anything like it recently. it’s very modern it’s just a very beautiful thing, i suppose its timeless and modern at the same time. but i think the whole collection is a really stunning and the fact that it was designed so many years ago and it is still so current is the magic of chanel. musique libre de droit / bandit &nikit 2015