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Public School- Fashion Show Spring-Summer 2016 in New York with interviews

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The woman of public school is on a roll and is bigger than ever. she is always so cool and very ‘new york’ but she also embraces a more couture aspect. the effects of textures, cuts but also added embroidery all return but smarter than usual. the materials chosen like the silk and the organza emphasises fluidity and movement and give a certain new elegance. without hindering for a moment the desired ease, dear to the founding duo - maxwell osborne and dao-yi chow ...it is always question of proportions and layering but manipulated in a less sportswear way but in a more sensual way, accentuated by the choice of the neutral colours around the black, navy, white…as if the idea is to return to some basic items for an even more asserted womanitws maxwell osborne and dao-yi chow it’s the same girl just she’s taken a little trip and picked up a couple of things on the way over a journey and came back home and she showed her new look today she’s just public school a girl a little grown up and more cultured for sure. we started off with a really light idea of sheerness playing that with something more textual underneath being able to see the different layers, keeping the proportion place super long and so you have a lot more drape and a lot more shape than what we’ve done in the past. i think it’s a reflection of us wanting to take a step out a bit and explore what femininity means to us.music of the fashion show