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Spring/Summer 2015 Trend: fashion celebrates the 70s

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The 70s never stop to inspire the world of fashion. fluid and evasive dresses, flared leg trousers, fur jackets and fringed coats, it’s all an excuse to celebrate a decade where everything seemed possible and where the key words were freedom, peace and love. the designers never tire of reinterpreting this wardrobe synonymous with comfort and mix’n’match.of course the first thing that comes to mind is flower power. the eternal floral print doesn’t stop to be found in the feminine wardrobe representing at the same time romance and optimism.you cannot mention the 70s without thinking about the music, festivals and wild evenings. rock is equally celebrated through the lighter outfits, with vintage connotations modernised by the designers.the difference today resides principally with the idea that this wardrobe is rediscovered in a luxury version made for an urban woman. comfort is the focus but with precious fabrics, embroideries and other high-tech prints.interviews: veronica etro: i describe this collection and this woman like a free spirit, because i imagined this woman being an artist, living in the middle of nowhere of the desert, and she was sort of customising the prints, the jewellery and everything.sophie mechaly: it’s an era that really reminds me of happiness, the happiness of childhood and from a time of my parents, i really wanted a summer with the joy of life, lightness, transparency, chiffon, prints, colours, little flowers, large flowers, it’s a little bit like taking the brand from then to now.georgia may jagger: all inspired by music, of the 60s and 70s, all the different rock bands.yiging yin: there is a seventies spirit, because i was also inspired by the archives, and actually the images of leonard that were added during the seventies and all the prints from this era, but with the girls’ attitudes, in the way that they wear the clothes and something much more rock’n’roll, much more fun, much more free.music free of rights : bandit & nikit