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Spring/Summer 2015 Trend: black & white chicer than ever

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White in its simplest, purest form, is worn from now on to all occasions. without any embellishments and all in lightness, the white brings freshness and radiance, perfectly married with all kinds of accessories and compliments all different skin tones and complexions.and if there is one colour which white mixes perfectly with, it’s of course black. the two opposites are all the rage and even more this summer. they are deployed between the tops and bottoms. and what better to pair a white shirt with, than with a black skirt or trousers. with the addition of edges or a lapel to further increase the effect. and even playing with lines and bands for a graphic aspect. in fact using the duality of black & white seems a perfect way to practise geometry and to follow the movement of the body. we play with yin & yang, and purity versus sensuality. the designers also add effects with materials and contrasts, passing by transparency to opacity with these two extreme tones. without forgetting the arty trend, allowing the collages and 3d prints to be put as the focus.another trend which is added to the marriage of black and white: to dare with polka dots and even huge ones. this is absolutely not for discretion but don’t forget that in summer anything goes. interviews: maxwell osborne: you’ll see the contrast of either really graphic and fluid or something with the proportion where it’s shorter or longer, we’ve always played with that for public school. thakoon panichgul: i really wanted to convey a sense of tropical, but doing it in an abstract way, it wasn’t just a pretty palm print, it was more repetitive, even the embroidery, we did polka dot embroidery over polka dots so taking something classic like a polka dot, and making it a bit more three dimensional somehow, and abstract even. music free of rights: bandit & nikit