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Louis Vuitton - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interviews

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One of the biggest rendez-vous of paris fashion week, louis vuitton invites us into specially created domes for the show at the foot of the lv foundation. freja beha opens the show in an xxl white fur coat carrying a metallic vanity case. several models follow on such as fernanda hin ly with her pink hair. next are skirt and tunic-jumper ensembles which end like rippling waves on the body. nicolas ghesquière, artistic director, manages to mix a certain simplicity with technicality. the lace looks like collages on dresses and tops, with just a chain for a belt. the tailored trousers are noticed for their precision and a t-shirt is unveiled with louis vuitton written across it. the skirt is worn short with pockets, paired with sublime leather jackets, embroidered sheepskin or even zipped blouses. the shoulders are highlighted, exaggerated and gathered. the gold and silver shine is the focus, sparkly but with a simplicity at the same time. nicolas ghesquière continues his exploration into the louis vuitton house all whilst proposing a luxurious and very wearable ready to wear collection. to note: all the propositions of bags, from vanity cases to smaller models and clutches. interviews;pierre hardy: if i was a girl, i’d be hysterical, i’d love to dress like that !jennifer connely: the fabrics, the combinations of the fabrics, i think he always plays with oppositions and textures and tone and feeling, and he continues to do that here. michelle williams: i couldn’t say it any better! i just thought it was really gorgeous and really modern, and really pushing the boundaries. music from the show