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Christine Phung - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

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« a woman who explores the future without complexity ». these are the words told by christine phung to explain this new collection. black disappeared behind the colours which appeared pixelated, the designer admitted to having taken them from an unsuccessful photo of a flower, recovered from a broken camera. the tailored trousers are made supple, with jogging bottoms and a jacket which hangs loosely. the heavily worked pleats seemed to pose themselves on a coat or on a teddy, present and renewed each collection. the dresses are made fluid, light and transparent. a wardrobe that is always very structured with a futuristic and digital aspect. to note: a white, pure dress, worn over a very elegant black coat.interview: christine phung: there is lots of black and there are also these very flashy colours, which come from very “computer” colours and it’s a work that’s inspired from a flower which was taken by a broken camera, and this raw photo that i printed in a blurry way which look like paintings.this collection was inspired by digital bugs, glitches, switches, that are mistakes which intervene in the perfect world that is so digital, and i liked this idea of exploring a new world on the border of digital arts.i’m looking for a clear shape with lightness and fluidity and femininity on the flowing dresses that come to balance the very structured and tailored side. lots of pleats with the same print but on a polyester which holds them, and the play with rhythm, and the architectural, very contemporary constructions.music from the show