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Thom Browne- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in New York

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Like a continuation of the menswear collection presented in paris last month, thom browne starts again from the idea of commemoration reinterpreted in a poetic and warming way. black is the focus but the designer manages to show the details and different facets in luxury materials that his own studio develop. the magnificent black dresses follow the curves on the body, revealing the shoulders, adorned with woven embroidery on the gazar, organza, organdy, satin and silk. it is a question of proportions, superpositions and zips but also whales – that are found in patterns and equally in the form of a bag – present according to the designer to bring a touch of humour and to lighten the mood. to note: the superb hats and veils created by stephen jones.interview: thom browne: i think it’s important to add a humorous reference into maybe a serious kind of story and i think it lightens the story and lightens the whole feeling of it, so that’s what the whale – that preppy american iconic. i’m very serious about the way things are made, the quality and i develop all my fabrics and embroideries and when you do a collection in one colour i mean you do have to make sure you see a lot of different colours within that colour.i want people to see the tailoring for girls can look very feminine and very strong and that’s what i hope people saw. stephen jones: the beautiful combination of the collar with the girl, with the hat, with a veil, with everything – i mean i think with tom that sort of extraordinary and very unique combination of things is what makes such a strong look. there was one for every girl so there were 42 hats, each one different. c’est un beau mix entre les tenues des filles, les chapeaux, les voilettes,– et avec tom tous ces mélanges extraordinaires et uniques composent un look très fort. il y avait un chapeau pour chaque fille, donc il y avait 42 chapeaux, et tous différents. music free : bandit & nikit