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Public School -Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in New York with interview

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Despite their growing fame (they came to claim the woolmark prize last month) and the presence of celebrities and influential editors, the public school duo, formed of dao-yi chow & maxwell osborne, present an intimate fashion show in the heart of manhattan, surrounded by their family and their friends. their aim: to produce a mixed, cool, urban and very new york fashion. the silhouettes were elongated, with huge pleated skirts, worn over jackets and parkas. the shirt becomes a tunic style dress to throw on just over the skin for the girls, or over bermuda-trousers for the boys. the superpositions are the focus just like the sweaters with hoods becoming puffa jackets. additions of felt caps and huge scarves for an allure but also to fight against the extreme coldness instilled in new york. to note: the geometric colourful patterns, that are offered in this principally black and grey wardrobe, and the xxl puffa cape that can almost be transformed into a sleeping bag.interview : dao-yi chow & maxwell osborne : there was from the waist down a longer silhouette all about maxi length skirts, but then oversized jackets on top so again you have the high-low play but that was one of the bigger themes for the women and also for the men. we did show some elongated tunics this season to really drive home this idea of movement and the concepts so we had fun making those, and we were excited. it was a mix because we have some technical silhouettes that we use more cotton based fabrics not technical, and then the flip on that was taking the technical fabrics on a more stripped down style, so it was both ways actually.new york is our muse, but so is every other big city, but new york is our home and new york is our first muse, it’s almost like our first love.music from the show