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Alexandre Vauthier - Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris with interview

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Long knee high boots and capes designed by christian louboutin, but above it’s about the eel, the snake and the crocodile for alexandre vauthier: passionate about skin. these muses emmanuelle seigner, to whom he paid homage to by doing a show with a biker dress that she wore in “frantic”, and cécile cassel who is dressed for the city and at the scene, known for having this confident woman’s attitude without any complexes. the rock glamour is accentuated by the foal and the patent leather, as well as the sequins and the couture bottoms for the evening. the see through tops in geometric cut outs and the tuxedo jackets on the shoulders give way to the evening gowns with low necklines. and last but not least a hollywood dress in mirrored sequins closes the show with brilliance.interview: alexandre vauthier: we have everything, the designers our ways of reinterpreting the classics between quote the feminine or masculine wardrobe because often they printed in the masculine wardrobe, but it was my vision to do the biker, it was my vision for the jacket which was too big on a woman, but we’ve completeley transformed it with a mini dress. these clothes are more of a reflection of an attitude, rather than just simply wearing clothes. i had more of a tendency to do the previous collections, with the fluid volumes, the arms behind, there are always behind arms with me, that’s a little bit like my trademark like the plunging v neck lines, but finally i came back to the flou structure, like saying we reworked, and affixed the very rigid materials, such as the patent eel, that was covered in silk tulle, which are really made with silk chiffon to make the dresses have a real mermaid shape. volumes that we had maybe forgotten to exaggerate, so i exaggerated them. i find that it’s really a beautiful mark of the feminine cut.i have a huge passion for all these precious materials which we must understand and master etc. in each collection i try to get to grips with the things that we can’t easily understand, i believe that couture helps with that, to experiment and i found the shading so marvelous in these greens, with alligator, with the eel. it was impossible not to use them.emmanuelle seigner: a woman in all her glory, it’s that which is beautiful. he’s not stopped using feminine codes, he envelopes them, at the same time redesigning them, it’s a real splendour. cécile cassel: i think it’s really very beautiful, and moreover i was very touched because he copied my dress from “frantic” in green suede and so there are lots of little things that i was really touched by, i though it was wonderful.music from the show