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Best of New York - The best moments of New York Fashion Week

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During september, the fashion month debuts the first fashion week in new york. over eight days, the coolest places as well as the most improbable were taken by storm. for example with the second collection by jason wu for boss presented on the 54th floor of the world trade center, at the foot of ground zero, on the day before september 11th. another thing to add was the incredible mise-en-scène, thom browne always surprises and this time we were taken to a child’s fairytale where the imaginary world became a reality. finally at tommy hilfiger, the florals took on another dimension to celebrate the 70s with a live concert. without a doubt sportswear chic ruled and dominated on the catwalk, and was present in all of the shows. more experimental and colourful at alexander wang, easy to wear at lacoste and in a more classy style at donna karan. the stand out piece that we will be waiting for next summer is the perfect shirt worn with a springtime skirt, very couture designed by michael kors. the focus was equally on the accessories, and the luxury sliders at marc jacobs held all of our attention. of course a fashion week would not be complete without the paparazzi, photographers and celebrities that come in all kinds to help with the shows, seen to win over the fashion world. as well as miley cyrus proposing a collection of accessories designed in collaboration with jeremy scott, the star profited from doing the show all whilst of course playing the role of an intimidated girl. another fashion event was the completely sensual collection by anthony vacarello for versus which was revealed through an unforgettable show and evening. in an emotional sequence: diane von furstenberg really took her time to say her goodbyes, by singing and dancing. interviews: tommy hilfiger: i want it to be 360, the music, the set, the clothes, the detail, everything. felipe oliveira baptista: everyone is doing more sport today, so it’s this idea of something very hybrid between sport and movement, but in keeping with a certain allure and strictness and look as well. donna karan: when we’re travelling around the world we’re in a bra, we’re in full breezy skirts, a kind of skinny, stretch skirt, and a pair of pants, it’s a sportswear elegance. diane von furstenberg: for me it’s all about the joy of life, and i realised when i started, even when i had already had a huge success i didn’t want to say i was a stylist you see because i had the impression to be a woman who made clothes for other women. this dress continues generation after generation, i’m close to the fifth generation, and it’s quite extraordinary. it is just as well that what happens during fashion weeks stay incredible and intense moments. free music / bandit & nikit