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Diesel Black Gold - Collection Spring:Summer 2015 New York

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Lighting, intense music as well as positive energy was found at diesel black gold. each season, andreas melbostad let’s go a little more and the woman becomes even more sensual, with crop tops worn with skirts and high waisted jeans. stars prints were huge in new york and could be found everywhere, as well as studs on leather which was also popular and always gives a guaranteed effect. to bring everything to a close the girls were covered in new high-tech jewellery: the samsung gear s watch customized by diesel. interview: renzo rosso: it was quite difficult for us to gain respect from the contemporary world because we come from a lower label with the first line with diesel, and we’re moving with black gold for the upper label and with our consistency and with our energy and with our know how, step by step it’s so great to see the result.andreas melbostad: i like the idea of energy, i like the idea of attitude so that the energy comes very close to that. i live in new york so i think new york has a lot of energy and i think that influences my work. this time for me it was about the waist, and once we brought it to the waist, the pants, and the dresses and the skirts became very important and everything else almost became like accessories. so that’s why we went very naked on the rest because we really wanted to kind of define the waist and bring the focus there this time.the stars started in the studs, the story of this collection started with the new wave attitude, late 70s early 80s kind of post punk movement, and i was looking at a lot of different performers of that period and it was very graphic. especially gary newman who was wearing this leather jacket with some star studs, and the studding and the metal has been part of my vocabulary for black gold for a few seasons. music from the show.