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Thom Browne- Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Paris (with interview)

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Thom browne loves shows and knows how to create a universe and a staging that is always spectacular. this time, for his menswear collection, models sitting on black cubes with masks and ribbons that cover their eyes remain static throughout the show, whilst two guards with lightsabers keep them under surveillance. backstage, the american designer admits to having been inspired by the film ‘tron,’ with a desire of creating an interactive video game… everything seems clearer thanks to his explanation, even if a little mystery and magic still remains… starting around the tailoring, the designer develops new materials and new shapes that cling to the human body shape. the work remains as remarkable, precise, and as surprising as always. a real spectacle, which we would like to see happen more often. interview:thom browne there’s a loose reference on tron, the movie, and then playing with the idea of almost like an interactive video game, and the two kinds of groups interacting that way. there are a lot of fabrics that were developed for the collection, as i do for most of my collections, but i think the most interesting thing was really taking such a new idea and new shapes and clothes, but using very classic fabrics, so it was a play on that. every season i try and introduce a different idea, and in the center you see my classic idea, but i think it even feels new in the way that it was shown. and then today taking that and surrounding it by very new shapes, and i think that’s what’s important.all the jackets and trousers were based on the human anatomy, so all the separate pieces were based on the body, so almost exaggerating the human body. music from the show