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Fashion lands in Cannes!

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For 10 days, fashion comes to cannes, especially for the festival. recognising the influence of the media, fashion labels set up their showrooms and offer custom-made outfits to the numerous stars that come to parade on the red carpet. a presence that the elie saab house masters with panache and the necessary resources…the smalto house also pulls out all the stops, making notable appearances upon the festival steps, because the men are also rivals in elegance…the men also deserve all the attention…interview:emilie legendre:the cannes film festival has to be prepared well in advance, meaning that dress fittings often begin two or three months beforehand so that the final selections are announced and then it is our job to work on setting up the showroom and the suite as we entirely redecorate and then of course we have fittings on site when we finalise everything, which we generally call the final fitting before stepping onto the red carpet.when we come down, we bring someone from the studio in paris as at the fitting every dress has to be readjusted.the day after the event, there are lots of requests from the clients who call-up asking for news about their dresses and essentially it is the visibility that comes with this social network immediacy and the live broadcasting of information that ensures that minutes after setting foot on the red carpet, the entire world already knows how many actresses wore elie saab.youn chong bak:we devised a range of three different tuxedos that are available to the actors. we have done a bowtie box because as everybody knows, you cannot walk on the red carpet without wearing a bowtie and this year as we accentuated this gold side in recognition of the palme d’or, we also created a case with a golden eyelet or with golden detail.we really tried to highlight this tailored-made aspect, particularly the silhouette created by monsieur smalto with small, elongated shoulders, well-fitted but a structure that emphasises virility and therefore the gentleman himself.music free of right/bandit & nikit 2012