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Cannes 2014 – Exclusive interview with the celebrity colorist: Christophe Robin

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For more than 20 years, christophe robin has beautified women. how: as a colorist for l’oréal paris, but especially in his own salon located in a suite of the meurice hotel in the heart of paris. before packing his bags for the cannes film festival and loaning his services to the stars, he agreed to speak to us about his unique power…interview:christophe robin:you have this strange power because you know if you have a bad haircut you can tie it back but if you colour is bad, you wake up feeling depressed because it effects the quality of your hair and of your complexion.women used to have trouble accepting themselves, they were often influenced by photos of others and opinion leaders that had nothing to do with who they were but for a year or two, certainly with this post crisis effect when everyone wanted outrageous colours from pink to purple etc, like when you suddenly wear lots of lipstick to give yourself moral. today, i find that women are less swayed by conventions; they ask me to do something that makes them look pretty and that will last. i feel that they are more themselves; they let their personalities show whether they are extremely natural or completely mad, they embrace their personalities; they want to express themselves without following the diktat. it is funny because right now there is so much variety even in my work at l’oréal; if there was a chocolate trend, we would do nothing but chocolate which was cool but now we have to use every tool and coloration that corresponds to everybody’s needs as people’s needs are endless now. everyone needs to express themselves and show that they aren’t following the rules, like you see on blogs, on youtube, everyone is expressing themselves and showing how they do their hair and i think it’s really cool.luckily, cannes is not very big. the actresses come from far away, from a film set before doing the red carpet; their hair needs colouring so they come to my little l’oréal suite in the martinez hotel with its shampoo basin and during the colouring time we smoke on the terrace and it’s really nice because we usually have great weather, plus a superb view from the roof of the martinez, or i go into their room, i apply the treatment, they rinse it themselves, it’s always a race against time.music free of right/nikit & bandit 2012