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Rabih Kayrouz - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Paris (with itw)

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East meets west, an important intermix at rabih kayrouz who adores clothes that coil around the body like a bathrobe, with pockets throughout, plus a burnous cape. this couturier always strives to maximize the simplicity of cuts by avoiding stitching, exemplified perfectly on this draped bustier dress in marine blue, or a navy silk djellaba. stoles are also highly present, the shoulders bedecked with silk ruffles. oriental gold, appearing throughout this collection, is printed and quilted. on the feet: golden woven boots worn with ankle socks.interview:rabih kayrouz:every season, i create a story and this time it was all about the desire to come out of a hammam, which are cultural meeting points like paris and it all clicked and i was inspired whilst strolling the streets of paris and i called the collection ‘batroun-barbès’; batroun is a village in north lebanon where i spent all my holiday and where you are wrapped up in your towel all day and barbès because they dress in this incredible style with impossible blends and i wanted to showcase this.i love to cut and to wrap and to cut in the same way, very clearly and precisely, even when i coil things and i do cocoon dresses, there is only one stitch, movement is very frank and direct in the cut and when i also cut in a very candid way. music from the fashion show