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Diane Von Furstenberg Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in New York (with itw)

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Cheerful and positive as ever, diane von furstenerg invites us into a bay-windowed building in tribeca where the major shows of this season unfold. 2014 is a special year for the designer who celebrates the 40th anniversary of her wrap dress. hence, the first outfit on the runway is a reinterpretation of the first dress created in 1974, modeled by karen elson. diane also takes inspiration from russian ballets, creating her own unique story. we find wrap-around waistcoats, folds, thin straps and even gold stars printed onto transparent dresses and a velvet jumpsuit. colours are typically vibrant with prints taking us back to the 70s…and of course, comfort and good humour are the magic words of this collection, concluded entirely in gold…interview:diane von furstenberg:the inspiration comes from the russian ballet. in order to explain this to you, i imagine the russian ballet and what is the russian ballet; it is all of these artistic movements and the escape from the revolution, which happened in berlin and then in paris and there were poets, painters and dancers and these kinds of people, so why choose the russian ballet: because it is a mixture of bakst and a mixture of prints and i was inspired by all that. what’s more, my famous wrap-dress which celebrates its 40th birthday this year was originally inspired by little wrap-around tops worn by ballerinas.i think that body language is the most important aspect. everyone has their thing, there are people who create wonderful things and for me, what i bring to fashion is in the fluidity of clothes and in the form which is all body-language.what is odd for me is at the start i would always say that it paid my bills, because in french you have to say that as it is literally called a ‘purse dress’ and that is what has kept my purse full and given me everything, it has given me fame, i have lived the american dream, the education of my children, paid for my houses, everything has been paid for by this wrap-dress but despite all this, i slightly treated it in this way and so when i returned fifteen years ago, i had never really paid tribute to the dress and this year for its 40th birthday, i decided for the first time to honour it and so i did this exhibition in los angeles which is a wonder.music from the fashion show