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Cartier exhibits at the Grand Palais...

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Cartier displays its unique style in the great hall of the grand palais in paris until 16th february 2014, retracing the story of this illustrious jewellery house over six hundred pieces. diadems, precious stones, watches, mysterious clocks are all objects to admire that are a real testament to the knowledge of those at 13 rue de la paix and to the role that jewellery plays in the evolution of taste and social codes.interview:laurent salomé:we are both art historians, not at all specialists in jewellery and for that exact reason we wanted to do this exhibition, firstly to gain a historian’s perspective and to try to see if in a house like cartier which has a very long production period and who also has an exceptional clientele and a unique stature, there was not more to be discovered about decorative arts in general and perhaps to better understand the role that jewellery plays in life.we explain how cartier was established and in what area, we show the goings-on at the ateliers and we show how this style was initially forged.there are a huge number of stand-out pieces, so it would be more difficult to find those non-stand-out pieces but it is true that we have for instance a collection of diadems in what we call the ‘guirlande’ style, a reinterpreted neo-classical, louis xvi design which continued into the late 20th century and there are some very beautiful pieces that belonged to marie bonaparte. we have extraordinary stones like the 478 carat sapphire of marie of romania which has never been seen before. we have a terrific loan from the queen of england who for the first time has leant one of her favourite brooches. she also really wanted to lend us the diadem worn by kate middleton at her wedding so we have several stories like that. the principality of monaco leant lots of very exciting objects because you can see the formal, official side but also the intimate, imaginative aspects, the little duck and poodle brooches. similarly, there are sections dedicated to memorable figures in cartier’s history; liz taylor, barbara hutton, jeanne toussaint and the only man in the series, the maharajah of patiala.there is also a sector dedicated to the panther at the end of the exhibition, a whole area that shows how artists in the 20s and 30s were captivated by these great felines. we found a very appropriate theme to conclude the exhibition, mainly as the panther has become an emblem of cartier but also because it is a true symbol of the link between objects and life and the way that a pattern says something about what we want to be and the life we want to lead.music free of right/bandit & nikit - 2012