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The Debutante Ball 2013 - 5th episode: party at the Automobile Club in Paris

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Wecome to the 21st edition of the debutante ball in paris. for 20 girls, descended from elite families, the ball, one of the most internationally-recognised and prestigious events is a unique moment that places them in the spotlight and welcomes them into the world…before the ball, final preparations at the hotel raphael where the girls are staying, with hair and make-up sessions, definitive choices of louboutin shoes and bucherer jewellery, principle partners of the event, before arriving at place de la concorde and the french automobile club, to walk and open the ball in their haute couture gowns.for the first time, a true cinderella slips into the ball, as english rose lauren marbe, daughter of a taxi driver, is among the debutantes, not because of her family but thanks to her iq ‘higher than einstein’s’...interviews:alexis mabille:it is always fun because finally it brings an international tradition to paris. it is one of those things that is a little bit hybrid and quite astonishing, because after all, plenty of girls from around the whole world come to present themselves in couture dresses, with friends and their families, it seems maybe quite strange but also rather incredible.kyra lemoyne kennedy:my sister did it previously about five years ago so i was hoping to be invited and it was amazing. i love dior and i love haute couture; it’s my first time wearing haute couture. i love blue and i love light pink, so i chose this one. i don’t really know how to dance so i guess i am nervous but other than that i think it is going to be funny to watch my father dance.lady amelia windsor:i thought it was a great opportunity to meet girls from all over the world, to wear a beautiful dress i am never going to be able to wear ever again so i thought ‘why not’? you only live once.lauren marbe:i feel so lucky, my dress is amazing, and the designer is amazing. all the girls are lovely and we have all got along so well.i am a little bit nervous but only as nervous as you would be going into any new environment. i wouldn’t say i was too afraid, more excited than anything.alexis mabille:the reality is that haute couture is something that is very much alive, that exists, that has lots of clients and there are plenty of people who wear it and who love to play with it.music free of right/bandit & nikit - 2012