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The best of the Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion shows: six types of women will dominate next summer.

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Major trends always emerge from this month of fashion shows. here are six types of women that will dominate next summer. the first woman will be romantic, soft and dreamy seeing as beautiful summer days are synonymous with lightness, as found on lace for example which is emphasized and worked in all its splendour and can be easily matched with other materials or become the principle texture on a dress. then, we have a woman who is passionate about art with a very graphic style. by playing with lines, bold colours and the idea of movement, designers have transformed clothes into works of art with brushstrokes, paying homage to artists like buren or interpreting the famous nuancier pantone in their collection. of course, summer means voyage and exoticism and so it is the perfect time to unleash the animal inside of us all or at least to bring out this side through prints. the feline look dominates and is found on jackets and coats or is worked directly into the texture like paw prints. next summer’s woman also takes care of her body. new textures derived from sportswear are transformed into urban and comfortable clothes with flared hemlines and bright colours. this woman is still a city-dweller with a rock’n’roll side. for saint laurent paris, hedi slimane emerges as a pioneer of this rebellious but still sophisticated attitude, where biker jackets and black slim leather trousers become the key pieces. finally, this woman loves to go out and stand out and this year designers seem to have recognised this. colours take on iridescent tones resembling shiny sweet-wrappers, ready to be devoured. gold is showcased in enchanting, sparkling and unchanging tones, making us pray for even more dazzling looks in future seasons… music free of right/ bandit & nikit 2012