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Fendi Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Milan (with itw)

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With this show, fendi proves that fur can be worn during summertime. placed upon a base made in organza, mink creates graphic designs on tops and body-hugging dresses. the array of colours is fluorescent, bold and supports this graphic display while transparency and lightness are highlighted. for the evening, swarovski crystals are added to short outfits. backstage, karl legerfeld, the fashion house’s creative director, reveals that he was inspired by technology and constructivism. double-heeled stilettos reinforce this futuristic idea that never leaves the designer’s spirit. and tonight, the party continues in milan with the opening of a new fendi store on via monte napoleone and the inauguration of an exhibition dedicated to the relationship uniting fendi and the world of cinema. interviews - silvia venturini fendi : we have created the lightest overcoat in history. it weighs only two grams because it has an organza base with shaven, very graphic mink. when you see it on the runway, you think that it’s only a print but in reality it’s an incredible piece of work, created by hand, a mix of organza and mink. i find this very interesting because the woman appears feminine and very delicate but simultaneously very strong, very powerful and of course a woman of the future. it’s incredibly interesting to see this mix of these more primitive and natural materials like fur with more synthetic, modern and avant-garde elements. karl lagerfeld : during the summer, there are some evenings that are slightly more fresh and it’s not the same sort of fur but sometimes it is better to have something like this rather than an old shawl which the hostess hands to you. all the classic techniques have changed and for the people who work on it must learn how to handle the laser in the way that one learned how to use scissors. not everything is mechanical and robotized, the hand always intervenes, but a workman’s tools are changing with time. i love shoes and i find that everything goes well together, even bags carried under your arm, with the little creature charms on it and as for these clothes that move, not everything has to be stiff, with an arm or a rigid bag, it all needs to be warmed up with a bit of sensuality, excluding all vulgarity. pietro beccari : fur is our trademark fabric and our luxury is, firstly, we are the only ones who have an internal workshop with fifty workers, with 650 years of experience in total, which produces more than 60% of fur; and secondly, i would say that we have a magic duo at the head of creativity and of creation, who get on well together and who always strive to go beyond their own limits, almost at the limit of provocation. you can see it in the treatment of materials, in the ability to be original and having the capacity to project themselves into a future than nobody else can visualise. music from the show