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Paul Smith Spring Summer Collection 2014 in London

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It is within the grounds of the famous central saint martin school that paul smith chooses to set his fashion show while backstage he admits to have been inspired mostly by students. across this summer-spring 2014 collection, the designer recalls some of his early fashion work. suits have a seventies look, incorporating wide-legged, high-waisted trousers. in addition, there is sensuality with transparent blouses, ethereal dresses and very short shorts. even though the tailoring is very much present, the designer seems to be looking forward to the holidays with a very relaxed attitude to research. paul smith: it’s lovely because i work a lot with students anyway and i’m very close to a lot of universities and colleges and this is the famous st martin’s which has produced lots of interesting and wonderful designers over the years, not just for fashion but for journalism and product design art so it’s great to be here. when i was starting out, this look was very much what i was producing and what girls were wearing and it was quite interesting talking to students as a lot of them are saying that they have taken influence from my early work and i thought that i should have a look at some of my early work. there’s the high-waist and then the tailoring is very soft and you can wear it in a very sexy way or you can wear it with a roll-neck; it’s up to you how you wear it. obviously for a fashion show you try to show it as a bit more extreme. the whole collection was more sexy because i wanted it to be very sexy rock’n’roll and hopefully it worked. the coral pink and the blue are really optimistic and especially in this world of war and nasty stuff, i wanted to be very optimistic. music from the show