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Lindsey Wixson, The Supermodel with a pout

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Her plump lips and her sullen pout are easily recognisable. lindsey wixson, a 19 year old american, has already catwalked for the greats, posed in the leading magazines and is one of the supermodels of the moment. backstage of the latest jean-paul gaultier catwalk, she answered our question with sincerity. (lindsay wixson in represented by the society management in new york and elite model management.) interview lindsey wixson: wichita, kansas, where i’m from, and i was brought to la to do a few test shoots, then was spotted by steven meisel‘s people and they wanted to bring me to new york to shoot italian vogue. so, i came to new york, i booked it, but none of the pictures were published as i was only 15 at the time, but we did some portraits, and i ate some fruit and i was looking through my bag and everything was over-the-top, the styling was super fabulous; that’s how i got started. i really love doing location shoots, it’s a little bit more challenging; you have the weather to look out for, you can create an image, have freedom to do whatever you want, and with runway it’s just walking, it’s spending 3 hours in hair and make-up normally! i would love to do interior designing if i ever have a chance to go to school; study languages vigorously as i would really love to be able to speak different languages. probably designing something; art-directing something. destination? copenhagen in denmark because it’s such a beautiful city and the weather is really nice in the summertime, it gets really hot, but it’s not as hot as from where i am from. and i really love the people there, they’re really nice. copyright-free music :bandi & nikit-2012