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Tom Ford Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in London

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Tom ford makes a grand return to fashion shows. after presenting his previous collections in intimate and confidential locations, the charismatic designer has chosen the form of a big fashion show in a sublime state building in london. a collection where all details have their own importance. references are numerous and multicultural. the designer now addresses the entire world with the ambition to develop its label that\'s still only young. the embroidery is very important just like the fringes returning on jackets and evening gowns. we find both the glamorous chic italian spirit and the parisian elegance through black lace embroidered outfits. we notice in particular the short, very 80s jackets and knee high boots, embroidered and open at the front. a luxurious, almost couture fashion which will please many prestigious clients and will be very much appreciated on the red carpet. music from fashion show interview tom ford : i just can\'t do those small shows anymore, however i also learned that i really missed doing really big shows because i\'m a bit of a showman and i like to push myself and give myself challenges and so i enjoyed the adrenaline rush and designing for a runway show is very different than designing just a showroom collection. what was hard about this show was that in 2004 if i had had a collection that maybe wasn\'t so great, it was ok because i had two or three behind me that were hits and i was established with what i was doing. i\'m a young brand still even though i\'ve been around for a long time but tom ford, as a company is still a young brand, this is my first big show it needed to be strong and so that was a little high pressure. i think maybe having a child i\'ve become more used to colour because there\'s colour all over our house now, but i was also in a very happy mood and in a very exuberant mood, and as i said i\'m a little tired of minimalism in fashion and i kind of wanted something more fun and i think we could use that right now, i mean fashion\'s supposed to be fun, not serious and sombre. i\'ve been around for a long time so my references are cross cultural and cross time, you open a magazine today and you see the 70s, the 80s, 50s and 60s, we\'re not only cross cultural we\'re living in so many different time periods. you know that\'s very important to start to develop a look, i think people already know what my look is because i was doing it before at gucci and at saint laurent so in a way people expect a certain thing from me and i hope they\'ll start to say `oh yeah that\'s tom ford !\'