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Thom Browne Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in New York (with itw)

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Thom browne (who is consuming much of the media attention in the usa after having dressed michelle obama in the last inauguration) has a feeling for the mise en scène. he proves this once again through his autumn winter 2013/14 collection. men lie motionless in hospital beds in the heart of a snowy forest creating a sense of mystery. creatures fitted into voluminous suits, with oversized shoulders and rounded hips wandering around this landscape, a rose in hand. we admire the couture work on dresses cut on the bias, assembled with several layers of fabric and certain embroidered insets of lace, pearls or sequins. throughout the collection, the red rose totally invades the garment and the palette of gray gives way to white and blood red. music from fashion show interview thom browne : it was not very literal, just a beautiful image and the combination of the clothing and the image in the room was strong, it was more timeless, putting beautiful images together. the materials tailor very well, and a lot of attention to the shoulders and the hips and the clothes, especially when you do things somewhat structured i think you have to add something that feminises it or makes it a little lighter and the lace particularly just worked with the whole feeling of the show.