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Theysken's Theory Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in New York (with itw)

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The idea of futurism can summarise the basis of inspiration for olivier theyskens. the french designer continues to grow at theory with the constant idea of a stylish girl, in tune with the times while keeping a cool mind. the rich tailoring of the designer is present in its pure nature, no frills, surrounding a suit next to the skin, accompanied solely by a long coat. skirts are short and flared and many shorts are worn with sweaters made of big wool or quilted sweatshirts. the tunic dress returns as a leitmotif made in various materials as an experimentation ready to emerge in the near future ! music from fashion show interview olivier theyskens : i describe them as dresses that we could sleep in on an interstellar journey for a year. it's weird but this is how i saw them, they are padded, very light, they barely touch the shoulders, they are very intimate, they almost look like nightgowns, but they're among the first clothes i designed for this collection because i was obsessed with the notion of futurism and it was important to me that it's a futurism that isn't utopian, which gives off something realistic. i liked superimposing the mini-shorts, they're very wooly, very comfortable with large shorts, making them float, it's a bit like the idea of a girl who does't need to be fitted into clothes to look sexy and she plays sports, it's more of an effortless cool. i love working with suits, i love rewoking the classics. i like to give twists and reinvent classics, but with a futuristic theme for this collection. i liked the eternal classic look of a wardrobe, but giving them a new but very essential look. miroslava doma : i think it's going to be commercially successful because in every single look i saw ladies passing by the streets of new york or london or paris.