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Giambattista Valli - Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2013 fashion show (with itw)

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Between dreams and reality, a play on transparency and reflections of wild animals, giambattista valli transports us into his dream world, in which the valli woman has a mischievous and adventurous side. she feels at home in both trousers matched with a bustier finishing in a long tail, and also in an entirely embroidered short tight dress. animal prints are found on many outfits and appear almost three-dimensional, when actually it's embroidery and a play on light. flowers and feathers are placed on several sheath dresses. the copper jewelry made by luigi scialanga adds strength to this collection in which the couturier dares to create a couture that's young and sensual, while still keeping its dna. music from the fashion show interview giambattista valli : the idea was almost shadows projected onto clothing, there were these haute couture silhouettes but with this lightness of prints. we went along with the idea of treating these garments like pieces of porcelain and there was this idea of transparency, so projections on clothes, and there are wild animals but these animals are actually quite controlled, it was quite nice to play with the contrasts. it's a moment to dream, i think that all women who love and want to dress in haute couture, like to dream too. it's dreamlike, this is my fantasy, after there is another part which is called ready-to-wear which is something more real.