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The Debutante Ball - The Evening

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Like every year, the place de la concorde and the hotel de crillon light up with the prestigious debutante ball aimed for a charity and to highlight the french savoir-faire. for the 20th edition, 20 original debutantes from five continents are therefore making, during this exceptional evening their entrance into the adult world. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview stéphane bern : what touches me is to see the resounding success of the ball, it's prestigious abroad because foreigners have realised that it was the showcase of french savoir-faire, haute couture, jewelry, the tableware, the most beautiful place in the world, this incredible hotel, there are not as many girls of the aristocracy, but there are more captains of industry, finance barons, princes of media, and i think it's part of natural evolution. zoe arquette : oh my god, i'm so happy, i'm so happy to have had this experience and met all the lovely people, all these girls- i feel like i'm best friends with already. grégoire schner : the presentations have already been done during the day yesterday, and it's a girl who is beautiful, delightful, very charming and kind. sofia rose stallone : i'm excited, i'm really excited to dance with my dad especially, i'm not nervous at all, which is good, because usually for these events i'm very anxious but i'm pretty thrilled, it's overwhelming, but amazing. jennifer stallone : i've watched every little movement she makes, she makes me very proud to be her mother because she's such an elegant, well rounded person. céline buckens : i'm having a lot of fun, i'm here with these girls who are now my friends. monsieur buckens : it's a bit emotional, it's very nice. i loved dancing with her, she's now become professional, she tells me what to do. when i dance badly, she explains what i should do.