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Makeup And New Hairstyles to Adopt

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We went to have a look backstage of the shows, to note the new trends in makeup and hairstyle to adopt now. firstly, large eyebrows are honored. if you are lucky enough to have thick eyebrows, keep them, if not, do what they do in many shows, draw them, in dark tones, close to the color of your hair. next, the eyeliner is a huge hit. choose a thin pencil and allow yourself some originality. then what has really exploded this season : brightly coloured eye shadows. fendi plays with sophistication but features are added above the eye. do not be afraid to apply green or bright blue, or even sequins like at christian dior ... the return of 80\'s and the desire to have fun can even be felt through makeup. alternatively, choose softer colours but in the right amount, like at chanel and the gray iridescent tones or like at derek lam. (itx) finally, on the lips, red is of course present, but attention to the application. it must be perfect, sublime example to follow at prada. finally a special favourite for orange at missoni and pink at dries van noten and fuchsia at haider ackermann. moving on to the hair. hairdressers working for designers always imagine big novelties for hairstyles and some cuts are quickly adopted to the street. for summer 2013, follow the advice of laurent philippon. so resuming: smoothed and flattened on the front and dropped on the back. if it\'s really hot, keep it the same way but choose a ponytail like at alexander wang. another aspect, implying less work ... the parting on the side and forming like a falling lock or a fringe. finally, the designer delfina delettrez dared, and we note that there are still some pink and blue highlights that can be added but we advise you to opt for an accessory like a headband, in dolce & gabbana prints and in a large version like at rochas. music from fashion show interview tom pêcheux : it is completely transparent so it is very made up but there are no lines, we don\'t know where it starts or stops. laurent philippon : we drew a line in the middle and flattened the hair on each side with bumble & bumble spray, for the shine and to maintain it, in fact there is an almost wet or frozen effect like that, until mid-length, and the hair falls on the back.