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Theyskens' Theory Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in New York (ITW)

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Olivier theyskens is one of the designers adored by americans. his `young man' look and his style both creative and urban attracts an ever growing audience. this season, he concentrates his work on suits, bringing a new approach in materials and cutting. fluidity on the other hand is set with elongated sleeves jackets and floating trousers. the palette of colors and many details of embroidery refer to the seabed of which it is based. music from the fashion show michelle harper : olivier theysken is a genius of our time, i love his work, i`ve always followed his work and i thought that the silhouettes for the pants were particularly interesting, very tapered at the heel, very loose, very beautiful, very elegant. i really enjoyed that. olivier theyskens : i really have a special relationship with the suit. recently i tried keep away from the `tailoring' but this time i was really into it with a varied approach with the real `suit' but in new materials. new particular materials and also a lot of tailored pieces, very fluid, with large sleeves, a little extended like that. i was also deeply inspired by images of photos taken in the ocean, so there is this elegance in the photo, even jellyfish and things like that. the bottom of the ocean- black, blue, very dark and eerie and then these organisms in the species spectrum of colours and it inspired me a lot, for reasons of embroidery, transparency and color.