Nov 23, 2009
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Fashion Snoops : Home trends fall - winter 2010/2011

Nov 23, 2009

Old is the new new. By creating a style that is at once full of history yet updated by reinvention we are able to rediscover the simplicity of days gone by. Finding items long forgotten and discarded, using what we already have, and exploring new ways in which to use objects lays claim to sustaining our World. Reclaiming and reusing shifts our view of what recycling means. We find beauty in decay and reclaim objects from our ancestor's past, which bring new value, and comfort us in memories

In 1964 The Worlds Fair informed our view of futuristic modern living. It was there that Charles and Ray Eames were able to showcase their design aesthetic and society became enchanted with the future of design seen through their eyes. The innovative technologies they used such as molded resin, fiberglass and wire mesh to create their iconic chairs as well as many other furniture pieces struck people as new but approachable. Society embraced these ideas of moder living an amenities much as we embrace the idea of future colonies in space today. We look forward with one eye trained on the past because while we strive for the modern we ultimately crave the familiar.

The unstable economic climate has created a desire to live a more grounded existence and fine a modicum of control in the chaos that surrounds us. Most of us have been caught in the over consumption of the past decade and we are ready to peel away the unnecessary and return to the land and nature. We find ourselves gravitating towards a lifestyle made from humble materials of wood, stone and found objects. Looking to the beginning of time when man was a hunter and gatherer. We are drawn to strong simple materials that protect as well as allow us to cocoon. Understated yet strong they sit quietly offering comfort and a safe haven, reminding us that originally we were creators with our own hands and that we can be again.

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