Sustainable fashion event We Make M-ode opens in Amsterdam

Sustainable fashion event We Make M-ode landed in Amsterdam on Wednesday, June 20. Until 24 June, the event will connect the city of Amsterdam with innovative and sustainable visions on fashion and fashion design.

Ineen by Lebl + Lhana Marlet - Photo: M-ode Facebook

The five-day event kicks-off with the Waste to Want event, which is an atelier by Dutch fashion designer Bas Kosters. Together with his design team, Kosters will create a clothing collection during the event that is made from waste. With the atelier, the event wants to show visitors how to produce circular clothes.

On Thursday and Friday, the program consists of various fashion shows portraying the work of sustainable fashion designers, including: Merel van Glabbeek; Ajbilou Rosdorff; Judith van Vliet x Amber Ambrose Aurele; Roumans; and Ineen by Lebl + Lhana Marlet. In addition, there will be a private viewing of the Hacked by_ collection on view on Friday as well as a presentation of the Anne de Grijff collection. On Saturday evening, designer Bas Kosters will also host a fashion show.

In addition to fashion shows and presentations, We Make M-ode will organize a two-day pop-up event at the Vondel CS. The event will present various sustainable designer labels, an exposition by TEYM, a Masterclass by Fatima Essahsah, and the premiere of a documentary about Dutch couturier Frank Govers, followed by a fashion show portraying the designer’s most iconic looks.

We Make M-ode will conclude on Sunday with the WOW fashion inside out event at the Bos en Lommerplein, which will transform into a marketplace. The event aims to raise awareness for sustainable fashion from both the fashion industry and consumers.

We Make M-ode is produced by Stichting M-ODE, a foundation that supports fashion designers, developers and entrepreneurs in creating sustainable businesses. The We Make M-ode event will take place at various locations in the Amsterdam West neighborhood and is a collaboration between Stadsdeel West, WOW, Vondel CS and Circl.

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