Renzo Rosso:"Fashion consumers want comfort first"

When asked the question, how have consumers of fashion evolved, Renzo Rosso doesn't hesitate. "Nowadays, consumers are increasingly looking to comfort, and luxury that is on the less flashy side," he describes.

Renzo Rosso - ITS 2016 GK

Such the analysis of the current market from the founder of Diesel and the president of fashion group OTB, speaking to FashionMag on the sidelines of ITS. Rosso has sponsored the new designer competition - held in Trieste, Italy, for the last fifteen years.

"Customers don't care about the old rules of fashion. What they're looking for mostly, is comfort," said Rosso. "The classic jacket seen in other times, customers don't want that anymore! It has to be made more simply, in a lighter, more elastic fabric," he continued. 

The Italian entrepreneur has found success in Jogg Jeans, a model of hybrid jeans made from denim and jersey, released by Diesel at the end of 2013.

Jogg Jeans by Diesel - Diesel

"The jeans of today have totally changed. Jogg Jeans, for example, represent 70% of our denim sales in Japan," explained Rosso.  

The Italian executive also wants to extend the offering of the group's brands across all product categories to "create a lifestyle, a reference for the consumer. Even if the latter is increasingly disloyal," he added.

Translated by Benjamin Fitzgerald

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